Hamsters and their diet

Hamsters are cute little pets that are becoming quite popular among people. Due to their small size and easy manageability, certain individuals prefer having them as pets nowadays. As a new hamster owner, ensure that your furry companion gets all the nutrients it needs.

What constitutes a hamster's diet?

  • Pellets and seed mixes are some of the ideal foods for a hamster. Due to a hamster’s tendency to pick out what they like and reject the rest, pellets are preferable food items to feed your hamster to ensure your hamster obtains its nutritional requirements. Furthermore, these pellets consist of dried seeds, grains, cereals, and nuts that are perfectly designed for their growth. In general, hamsters love to munch on nuts and grains throughout the day. Hence, these pellets serve this purpose as you can offer them small portions at different periods instead of a fixed schedule. Hamster mixes constitute the significant part of their diet as it provides them the primary nutrients required for their development. Additionally, hamster mixes and pellets are dry, so they would be fresh if stored correctly. As such, you can purchase these food items in bulk from a pet store and still ensure that they remain fresh for their hamster's consumption. The Oxbow Essential Hamster And Gerbil Food 1lb (453g) is an ideal choice for your hamster's daily diet.

  • When consumed daily, a small amount of fruit and vegetables is beneficial for your hamster's health. If consumed in moderation, the vegetables are incredibly nutritional for them. In fact, they even help in avoiding certain infections and ailments that your furry little friends might face. Supplement the usual pelleted diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are safe for your hamster to eat include apples (seedless), bananas, broccoli, celery, figs, peas, and many more. Moreover, these rich, vitamin-filled foods are essential for their daily activities as well. However, any fruit or vegetable you feed them must be washed thoroughly before consumption.

  • Another integral component of their daily diet is Timothy hay. This is a particular type of hay native to Europe, that is harvested specially for small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs for its high nutritional content. Furthermore, timothy hay also helps them maintain their teeth and prevent them from overgrowing. The Oxbow Western Timothy Hay Small Pets Food (3 Sizes) is the best product for your cute little hamster as it offers just the right amounts of fibers and other essential nutrients.

  • Sometimes, even hamsters get tired of eating the same diet daily. Hence, owners can choose to add some variety by offering them certain treats. This not only makes them happy but also helps in maintaining a nutrient-rich diet. Some occasional treats include nuts, boiled eggs, mealworms, and biscuits. You can also try Mini Animan Mini Corn Treats For Small Pet 120g, simply pop it in the microwave to turn it into mini corn popcorn for your hamster to enjoy! Last but not least, ensure that your hamsters has constant and easy access to fresh water.

What you cannot feed your hamster

Food items like chocolate and caffeine are a massive no-no for hamsters as they may harm their health. Moreover, alcohol-based foods and treats that are high in sugar or fat should also be avoided. If you are feeding your hamster fruits and vegetables regularly, there are certain ones you should avoid feeding. These include cabbage, onions, leeks, raw potatoes, corn, apricots, and so on. In fact, there should be absolutely no errors in this department as it could result in critical health problems for your furry little friends.


Feeding small animals like hamsters could be a challenging endeavor because there are many guidelines to follow. However, after carefully studying their diet as expounded above, you can now easily care for their hamsters the right way. Providing all the required nutrients in the prescribed amount is the most basic requirement to fulfil as a new hamster owner. Don’t forget to reward them with treats from time to time!