Hamster Toys



Every pet owner with hamsters should know how important socializing is for these great creatures. One of the ways to ensure that they are properly cared for is to create an environment for them where they are free to run around safely. You can also provide them with toys that can help reduce boredom and provide enrichment. Let’s check out the best toys for your hamsters.


Creating a stimulating environment for your hamster

Since they are inquisitive and will spend most of their time in the cages, you can provide them with enrichment in the form of mentally stimulating toys to prevent them from becoming self-destructive.


Choosing toys for your pet hamster:

Here are some of the best toys you can choose that can help spice up their home.


○ Hamster Wheels and Balls

Every hamster's cage is expected to have a hamster wheel since most hamsters use it. Hamster Wheels and Balls are available to help your hamsters get some good exercise. Ensure the wheel has the proper size and try to minimize the risk of injuries by getting a solid surface wheel. Clear plastic balls (Run-Abouts) are in several styles. With them, your hamsters will enjoy running around without attempting to get away from you.


Product recommendations:

You may try the Rodipet Super Silent Cork Hamster Exercise Wheel (3 Sizes) or the Gex Harmony Hamster Wheel White 25.


○ Hide Boxes and Tunnels

Hide boxes and tunnels are great ways to create a conducive environment for your hamsters. You can make hide boxes yourself using sections of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe/cardboard boxes or you can get them here.


Cardboard boxes are characterized by easy replacement when they get dirty. They can also offer a substrate on which your hamsters can masticate to wear down their front teeth that grow continuously.


Tunnels can be made from PVC piping. Hamsters love to run through them. To make tunnels you can also use paper towel tubes and cardboard toilet paper.


Product recommendations:

The Marukan Aluminium Tunnel For Hamster or Rodipet EasyClean Terra Ceramic Tube with Side Entrance For Hamster 20cm is recommended because it is suitable for hamsters, mice, and gerbils.


○ Chew Toys for Hamsters

One of the varieties of hamster toys to choose from is "chew toys". Hamsters gnaw on them to ensure that their continuously growing teeth are in kept in shape. You can go for wooden pet chew toys for a natural choice. Cardboard or cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls and paper towels can also be provided for your hamsters to chew on.


Product recommendations: