Hamster Treats


What Treats to Feed Your Hamster?

On top of their premium-quality commercial pellets, you can feed your hamster some treats to spice up their diet a little.


Here are some foods that can be given as treats to your hamster:


  • Grains:


Grains are considered as one of the essential items for a hamster's diet. Your pet will get carbohydrates and proteins from grains which are essential for their healthy lifestyle. Be careful while feeding fatty nuts like sunflower seeds or peanuts because they can remain in their body for a longer period and create several long-term health issues. Only give fatty nuts occasionally as a small portion of the mixture.


  • Vegetable:


Another great natural treat for hamsters is vegetables. It would be optimal for your hamster's health if the veggies they're getting are organic and fresh. Some of the considerable options for vegetables include broccoli, dandelion greens, spinach, carrot tops, artichokes, and other veggies of dark green color. Some veggies and fruits to avoid include iceberg lettuce, watermelon, or any other items with high water content. Fruits or veggies with excessive water content may lead to diarrhoea. To remove dirt and pesticides, wash the vegetables with plenty of water.


  • Fruits


Hamsters enjoy eating fruits particularly apples, bananas, strawberries, and pears. You should be careful with the quantity of fruits your hamster is getting. Give them a moderate quantity of fruits as a regular dietary supplement. Remove the veggies or fruits if your pet has not eaten them within 24 hours.


If your hamster enjoys the taste of fruits, it might love the following products too:


  1. Mini Animan Tropical Fruit Mix for Small Pets 100 g
  2. Oxbow Simple Reward Banana Treat for Small Pets 1oz (28 g)
  3. Oxbow Simple Reward Strawberry Treat for Small Pets 0.5 oz (14 g)


  • Timothy Hay


Hay can be given to ensure the healthy dental health of a hamster. You can give it to the hamster to wear down its teeth and prevent them from overgrowing. We suggest you try out Oxbow Simple Rewards Timothy Treat For Small Pets 1.4oz (40g) for your hamster as a healthy and delicious treat.


  • Clean, Fresh, Filtered, Chlorine-Free Water


Your hamster will need constant access to clean and fresh water. Change the water daily to avoid potential contamination.


  • Treats!


Hay, fruits, and veggies are not the only treats that a hamster loves. You can give them other treats too, just be careful with the quantity. Your hamster should get treats in moderation.


Avoid giving your hamster the following treats as these food items may cause serious health conditions.


  1. Caffeine
  2. Chocolate
  3. Sugar
  4. Alcohol
  5. Any treat with high-fat content


Some delicious treats that are made for hamsters include:


  1. Mini Animan Mini Milk Flavor Corn Treats for Hamsters 60 g
  2. Vitakraft Kracker Multivitamin Hamster Treat 2pcs


Being the owners, it is our responsibility to ensure the best healthy and tasty food for our pets. While treats are a great way of rewarding your hamster, excessive amounts of treats may lead to health complications. Hence, always ensure a moderate level of treats to keep your hamster happy and healthy.