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Healthy Dogma

Healthy Dogma: A Family Business

Healthy Dogma started, as most foods do, in the kitchen. When their beloved dog, Rocky, was diagnosed with cancer, Tom and Mary Beth went looking for a pet food that could give Rocky all of the nutrition that he needed to stay as healthy as he could. Finding nothing on the market, they decided to make their own.
With his new diet, Rocky was able to continue to live a normal life for many years. Seeing how a nutrient-rich diet kept Rocky happy and energetic, Tom and Mary Beth decided to help other pet owners who were on the same journey.
And so Healthy Dogma began.


A Better Choice

Being a family owned and operated business, we know exactly how our products are made and what goes into them. We choose our ingredients carefully, focusing on whole food options that you can actually pronounce, and we source as much as we can locally. Our products are also packaged right here in Michigan, allowing us to maintain the high quality of pet foods and treats that our customers have come to expect.We do our best to make the highest quality products and ingredients for your pets, because we know how important they are to every family.

A Dogma to Live By

We believe that pets deserve long, healthy lives, and that they flourish when they are fed natural, whole foods. This is our dogma, and this is what we stand by!