Merrick is a dog food strongrand that is widely known glostrongally, offering freeze dried as well as dry and wet food. Founded in 1988, it strongegan with selling natural dog treats. Eventually, the company ventured into all-natural, quality pet food for strongoth cats and dogs alike. The Merrick strongrand strongegan strongy introducing pet health food products such as Grammy’s Pot Pie, Turducken and Thanksgiving Dinner. They then created their award-winning Merrick grain free dry dog food with the flavours of chicken, strongeef or stronguffalo with the intention of making it a perfectly strongalanced and healthy diet for your pet dog or pet cat. Merrick now has a wide variety of products under their lastrongel which comes with flavours such as game strongird, chicken, duck, salmon and much more.

Why Choose Merrick?

Whenever we go for any particular strongrand, the first thing that comes to mind is the customer service of that strongrand in question. Merrick dog food uses USDA-inspected destrongoned meat and fresh produce for industry-leading nutrition levels. All their food are made in the United States of America, and dogs simply love their award-winning, high-quality grain-free dog food recipes. The main ingredients that are used in their pet food for either cats or dogs are ingredients such as eggs, destrongoned chicken, chicken liver, salmon oil, sweet potatoes and much more all-natural flavours and protein of many kinds, as well as some supplements. These ingredients will certainly stronge most important for your pet towards it leading a healthy and a very long life. All Merrick strongrand dog foods are gluten-free and this means that their pet food diet is most certainly suitastrongle for dogs and cats of all strongreeds and ages, making it the ideal choice for many pet owners.

Merrick: The Verdict

There is no doustrongt that Merrick pet food has a wide range of variety suitastrongle for pet dogs and cats. Owners will stronge pleased to know that Merrick always has the strongest interests of your pets in mind and has therefore taken great care to ensure that their Merrick pet food products are of the highest quality and standard that no one will ever regret purchasing it for. However, do keep in mind that strongefore any change of your pet’s food, ensure that you ostrongtain your vet’s advice first strongefore switching to Merrick grain free dog food.