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Monge: The Excellence Of Italian Pet Food Since 1963

Make every meal extraordinary with Monge! Monge is dedicated to crafting healthy, balanced recipes for your pet – each formula is sure to give your furry friend the taste of natural, tailored nutrition!

What is the Monge dog food price?

Here is the price list of Monge dry dog food:

1.Monge Hypoallergenic Salmon & Tuna Dry Dog Food: From $25.00
2.Monge Adult Pork, Rice & Potatoes Dry Dog Food: From $25.00
3.Monge Adult Duck, Rice & Potatoes Dry Dog Food: From $25.00
4.Monge Adult Lamb, Rice & Potatoes Dry Dog Food: From $25.00
5.Monge Adult Rabbit, Rice & Potatoes Dry Dog Food: From $25.00
6.Monge BWild Adult Ostrich Dry Dog Food: From $37.70
7.Monge BWild Puppy Deer Dry Dog Food: $37.30
8.Monge BWild Adult Boar Dry Dog Food: From $37.30
9.Monge Mini Adult Salmon & Rice Dry Dog Food: $25.00
10.Monge Mini Adult Lamb, Rice & Potatoes Dry Dog Food: $25.00 

Here is the price list of Monge wet dog food:
1.Monge Grill Pouches (Codfish/Pork/Lamb/Salmon/Chicken & Turkey): $1.00, Bundle deals available

2.Monge Fresh (Lamb Pate/Codfish Pate/Salmon Pate/Tuna Pate/Chicken & Veg Pate/Chicken Pate/Duck Pate/Pork Pate/Turkey Pate): From $1.50, look out for bundle deals!

Monge Fruit (Chicken & Raspberry/Lamb & Apple/Pork & Pineapple/Turkey & Blueberry/Salmon & Pear/Duck & Orange): From $1.50, check out the bundle deals available!

Is Monge dog food good?

Your dog’s age, size, lifestyle, and health status – consider these factors when choosing the right dog food for your beloved canine friend. Most Monge products have earned 4 or 5-star rating from our customers. Monge wet food is great as a topper and mixer, especially for picky dogs!

What are Monge cat food ingredients?

Made with no artificial additives, colourings or preservatives, each Monge dry cat food, and Monge canned cat food recipe provide Omega-3 to promote healthy skin and shiny coat and features real meat as the very first ingredient.

Monge wet canned food has 3 different types available. Namely the jelly, delicate and natural range. 

Which Monge cat food is the best?

The most popular range of Monge cat food is the natural range. Monge natural super-premium quality canned and wet food uses only natural, high-quality ingredients which are carefully selected.