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Monge Chicken with Vegetables Wet Dog Food 95g

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Monge Natural Superpremium is the line amongst the top of Monge’s offer. Its excellence is guaranteed by natural products- without colouring agents or artificial preservatives, and by premium quality raw materials selected and studied specifically for each recipe. Each food will be a true delight for dogs thanks to the use of top-quality fresh meats and the presence of invaluable ingredients.

 This food is a complementary diet for adult dogs. Soft and tasty chunks of chicken with vegetables cooked in the oven, and created to delight the palate of our faithful four-legged friends.

A delicious recipe without preservatives, without colorants and gluten free.


  • Soft And Tasty Chunks Of Chicken With Vegetables
  • No Cruelty Test
  • Gluten Free, No Dyes, Preservatives & Colorants
  • Cooked In Oven


Monge Chicken with Vegetables Wet Dog Food 95g
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