Chewing comes naturally for dogs. Puppies that are teething would chew on anything to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that they are feeling. Dogs that lack physical and mental stimulation tend to become bored and dog-safe chew toys can help provide them with hours of chewing fun.


Natural dog chews are among the best chews for dogs as they provide a safe alternative to the more dangerous synthetic dogs chews. They are made of animal parts that are subjected to dehydration, drying, or cooking. Choosing the type of natural dog chews you should select for your pet will depend on what you want to accomplish, such as dental care, prevent boredom or anxiety, provide additional nutrition, and hip and joint care.


Are Natural Chews Good for Dogs?

Natural dog chews provide several benefits for dogs. These include the following:


Dental care

Chewing is a natural canine behavior. The ancestors of dogs gnaw on bones and raw meat as a natural way to care for their teeth. With domestication, the dental needs of pets are met with regular tooth brushing and dental visits to the vet. Gnawing on natural chews complements a good dental regimen for dogs. For dogs that are not too happy with tooth brushing sessions, natural chews are a great option. Since natural dental chews offer different levels of care, rotating a variety of natural chews each week can make chewing a fun and exciting experience for your pooch. Softer dental chews are best for cleaning spaces in between the teeth and spots that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. Chewing longer on a harder chew can help remove any buildup of bacteria in the teeth and gums. Dental chews also support your pet’s dental health as gnawing on bones helps keep the gums healthy while removing plaque and tartar. They also help relieve teething pain and discomfort in puppies.  Natural dog chews can also help improve a dog’s jaw strength because chewing on bone is a great way to exercise the jaws.



Boredom can serve as a fuel for destructive behaviors of under-stimulated dogs. With natural chews, your dog will have his hands, we mean paws, and jaws busy. Long-lasting chews are great for this purpose. It gives them something to focus on while you are busy. Providing physical and mental stimulation can help curb behavioral problems. Mental stimulation is also important to a dog’s brain development.



Dogs that are left home alone can suffer from separation anxiety, making them more prone to destructive behaviors. Their favorite natural chew can provide a distraction from events that can trigger their anxiety.



Many types of natural chews offer essential nutrients like protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. However, always remember that no chew, natural or synthetic, can ever replace a complete and balanced diet. Nutritious chews are viable supplements to your pet’s diet, providing that much-needed additional support. Natural chews tend to be high in protein but low in fat. It is a great way to add more calories to your pet’s diet or help your senior pet build and maintain their muscles.


Hip and joint care

Dogs that are suffering from hip and joint problems can benefit from some natural chews, such as those that are made from animal cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. These are rich sources of collagen to help in replenishing vital connective tissues. While collagen is not used as a treatment for any damage to the joints, it can help support hip and joint health.


What are the Safest Chews for Dogs?

To protect your pet’s safety, some things are safe for them to gnaw on, such as all-natural dog chews. These include the following:


Marrow bones

These bones are hard and thick and the have substantial quantities of nutritious marrow that are rich in calcium, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to a dog’s diet. Chewing on marrow bones also help get rid of plaque and tartar. Once the marrow is gone, you should remove the bone because as the bone dries up, it becomes harder, and gnawing on it could fracture or break your pet’s teeth. Cooked bones should never be given to dogs as they are softer and could become a choking hazard.



Many dogs love chewing carrots. They’re crunchy and rich in essential nutrients. If your pup’s teething, freeze a carrot and give it to him to gnaw on. The cold can help ease teething-associated pain and discomfort.


Bully sticks

Although they look like rawhide chews, bully sticks are not made from animal skins. They are made of meat. After cooking, the meat is rolled and hardened, making them safe for your dog to chew. They smell better than rawhide that’s why they’re more appealing to dogs, too.



The antlers of deer, elk, or moose come in various sizes. No animal is killed for these chews as antlers are shed every year. Shed antlers are cleaned and used as natural dog chews. Avoid antlers with sharp points as dogs that are strong chewers can easily bite them off. Antler chews are ideal for dogs that are strong chewers because they can be very tough and hard.


Dried fish skin

These chews are usually made from the skin of catfish or salmon, which means they can be healthy for your dog. Cooking eliminates any pathogens or parasites that are present, and most are made without additional ingredients. Dried fish skin chews can provide your pooch with lean protein and substantial omega-3 fatty acids. Take note, however, that fish skins tend to have a stronger smell compared to other dog treats.


Himalayan dog chews

These chews are made from yak’s milk. Unlike dried fish skin chews, Himalayan chews do not have a strong odor and are easily digestible. But they tend to be a little pricier. They are excellent, however, as occasional treats.


Why Bully Sticks Make Excellent Natural Treats for Dogs?

  • Bully sticks are among the best natural chew options around. They offer several health benefits while using only one ingredient. Bully sticks can also be easily digested by dogs and will not splinter. They are free from artificial additives, such as chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Since they are high in protein, they are a good source of amino acids that are essential for your dog’s body, hair coat, and brain.
  • Bully sticks also help clean a dog’s teeth. Gnawing on them helps remove any plaque or tartar that has accumulated. Bully sticks complement regular tooth brushing to provide extra dental support in between professional dental cleaning.
  • Because they are tough, chewing on long-lasting dog chews, such as bully sticks, can give your dog extended chewing fun.
  • Bully sticks are available in various shapes and sizes providing a lot of options for all dogs. Braided bully sticks can be safe dog chews for aggressive chewers. If your dog loves a more challenging chew, your best bet would be bully stick rings.
  • With their long shelf-life, bully sticks could stay fresh for up to 3 years with proper storage.