Nutrience: It's not good food, it's great food.

A healthy bowl of great food should contain ingredients that fully nourish your pet inside and out. Nutrience is created for that purpose!

Nutrience is Canadian-made in small batches by the Hagen family-owned business to ensure superior quality control with no food recall in their history.

There are 3 series to this top notch quality brand- Nutrience SubZero, Nutrience Grain Free, and Nutrience Original. With Nutrience SubZero and Nutrience Grain Free being comparable to the high level dog food Orijen and Acana. Have a look at the chart below!

Nutrience SubZero

This incredible formula of dry kibbles mixed with Nutriboost freeze dried raw brings the full nutritional benefits and high palatability of raw food combined with easy to feed Nutrience kibbles. Nutrience SubZero is a sufficient meal for your pet, complete with supplements to provide a healthy diet. Even picky eaters will love Nutrience SubZero!

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DogFoodAdvisor rates Nutrience SubZero a 5 star dog food!

Two flavours to Nutrience SubZero

Nutrience SubZero Canadian Pacific's first 12 ingredients are fish contents and is made with Canadian sources of fresh wild caught pacific salmon, herring, hake, sole, cod, flounder, sebastes, cod liver, salmon meal, herring meal, hake meal and sebastes meal! Request for samples now.

Nutrience SubZero Fraser Valley is made with Canadian sources of poultry, Pacific wild caught fish and real freeze dried chicken. Proteins come from multiple animal sources! Request for samples now.


What is Nutriboost?

Nutriboost is freeze dried raw food made of proteins infused with nutrients-dense ingredients specially picked to boost health of pets.

Perrothoughts: Nutrience SubZero

Have you heard of a dog food with 12 first ingredients to be fish and meat? Neither have we, until Nutrience SubZero!

Why Nutrience SubZero Canadian Pacific?

We know that pawrents love feeding fish to their furrkids but why is that so? Fish based dog food are rich in protein that dogs require to stay healthy and active. Fish contains omega-3 which is essential for healthy skin and coat!

Nutrience SubZero Canadian Pacific Analysis:

Remember: It's not good food, it's great food!

Nutrience Grain Free

Nutrience grain-free contains all the nutrients your pets need, without any grains! It’s a great substitute for pets with certain food sensitivities, and an excellent choice for pets of all stages with a particularly active lifestyle or for pet owners who simply prefer to feed their pets a grain free diet. Made with top quality ingredients sourced from Canada, Nutrience grain free provides the best meat and fish for your pets!

Two Flavours to Nutrience Grain Free

Nutrience Grain Free Ocean Fish is the go-to food for dogs with allergies to poultry and other land animals. It is hypoallergenic due to its 100% poultry and grain free recipe. Request for samples now.

Nutrience Grain Free Turkey, Chicken & Herring formula is high in proteins and amino acids due to the multiple meat sources which is essential for growth and health of your dogs.

Perro thoughts: Nutrience Grain-Free

Nutrience grain free series is the best you can get for grain free range dry dog food in Singapore. The formula created is certified for dogs of all breeds and stages so you don't have to worry about always switching brands and making your furrkids confused. This one series suits all is a complete meal priced at an economical level!

Nutrience Grain Free Ocean Fish Analysis:

Nutrience Original

Nutrience original is the entry level series of Nutrience. It's made for economical feeding with Nutrience "No Bad Anything" standards. As per the other series, Nutrience Original contains supplements and essential nutrients for healthy growth and a strong immune system for your pet!

Perrothoughts:Nutrience Original

If you are feeding economical dog food such as Pedigree, Royal Canin, Science Diet or Eukanuba, take a look at the comparison chart below!

Nutrience Original Review

Ensure your furrkids gets the nutrients needed without burning a hole in your pocket with this series! However, we currently only carry puppy recipe. It is formulated to suit the needs of a growing puppy.

Nutrience Original Puppy Analysis: