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47 items found

Paw Made

What are Paw Made products? 

Paw Made creates high quality curated pet accessories for your dogs and cats. There are 3 ranges of Paw Made products available - Sleep by Paw Made, Play by Paw Made and Essentials by Paw Made.

Sleep by paw made features comfortable beds and mats for you cats and dogs to snuggle in. Perfect for giving your pet a comfy and restful sleep.

Play by paw made - the name says it all - toys for your dogs and cats!

Travel by Paw Made provides your everyday essential items items such as pet bowls, collars and leashes, water fountains, containers, pet carriers or car seat covers and more!

How much are Paw Made products?

Paw Made carries a large range and variety of accessories for dogs and cats. Prices start from $4.90. 

Where to buy Paw Made?

You can buy Paw Made accessories right here on perromart.