Paw Made

What are Paw Made products? 

At Paw Made, we believe pets are an integral part of our family. We aim to make pets feel comfortable and jovial through our range of ever-reliable accessories. Apart from your shoulders, we provide the best bed for your pets to sleep on. Apart from your hands, we provide the perfect toys for your pets to play with. We provide the best for your pet, apart from you

There are 3 main ranges and 9 sub-ranges of Paw Made products available :


1. Sleep Series 

Ultra-Comfort - Border-less cushions to let your companions stretch as freely as they like

Ultra-Cool - Airy and breezy, as cool as your paw-friend

Ultra-Free - Border-less cushions to let your companions stretch as freely as they like

Ultra-Snug - Cosy and warm. Your companion's home sweet home

Ultra-Fluff - Furry and soft, for pets to snuggle into 

Ultra-Flow - Made from highly resilient material, for your pet to jump onto seamlessly


2. Play Series 

Up&Down - Up and down, snuggle hide and seek. A gala time

Crawl&Claw - They're flawless, not claw-less. Let them scratch


3. Essentials

Essentials - Ordinary but extraordinary


What are Paw Made's Core Values?

Reliable - Consistent pursuit for better quality

Comfort - Comfort leads to a happy life

Chic - Classy and elegant


Where are Paw Made products made in? 

Paw Made products are made in China but rest assured that all products are of high quality and go through stringent quality checks! 

How much are Paw Made products? 

Paw Made products range from $2.99 for 3 rolls of poop bags, as low as $12.99 for an Ultra Fluffy bed, and $89.99 for a full-size cat condo

Where to buy Paw Made?

You can buy Paw Made accessories right here on perromart!