Paws & Pal

Our Story

Paws & Pal was founded in 2015 by Sierra with the support of her three furry friends at home. She saw a need for pet accessories that improve the lifestyle of pet and pet owners. Through high-quality accessories and toys, she aims to bring the convenience, fun and comfort to you and your fur friend.

Our Inspiration

In Sierras’ home, there’s Kayla, who loves to chew, bite and play with squeaky dog toys.

Secondly, Princess, who loves to jump on her owners’ bed for ultimate comfort during sleep time.

Lastly, there’s Snowy that loves to eat from selected bowls, mainly elevated bowls due to her neck injury. Pets should enjoy the same fun and comfort that we have.

The three musketeers had inspired Sierra, to come up with the different ranges in Paws & Pal; WalkPal, FeedPal, SleepPal & PlayPal.

Our Guarantee

Paws & Pal aims to bring convenience to owners, comfort for pets and satisfaction to all. From Elevated Dog Beds, AirTight Pet Food Container to Stainless Steel Food Bowls, Paws & Pal has got you and your fur friend covered.