PETKIT- Start something new for pets


What is PETKIT?

PETKIT is presently one of the world’s largest producers of smart pet devices. From WIFI, Bluetooth to non-connected electronic products, the brand specializes in products for dogs and cats. The idea is to promote healthy living for pets while increasing their longevity and convenience. 


When the brand set out in North America in 2016, it was known as PETKIT FIT; a company producing water-resistant appliances for pets. They ranged from dog and cat activity monitor to several smart devices. Successively, they continue to roll out many globally recognized assortments, including PETKIT water fountain, PETKIT mat, PETKIT smart house, etc.


What ranges does PETKIT have?

The brand specializes in a range of connected devices, including a Smart cat and dog PETKIT feederBluetooth PETKIT leashactivity trackers and monitoring via the PETKIT appand many more. To make things easier for pet parents, all connected devices are integrated into the latest iOS and Android devices. 


The PETKIT feeder has it all. It provides the versatility that most pets desire. Regarding pet parents, it helps them handle feeding while maintaining a regular schedule. Like other devices under the PETKIT name, the unit has several unique designs that keep the food dry and fresh. The whole unit has a reasonable capacity, thus making it viable for larger breeds. 


Most of these devices are customizable, especially with your PETKIT appYou are in control at all times wherever you are. In the same way, the PETKIT water fountain is an all-in-one drinking system. It offers your pet freshwater with the perfect amount to suit their needs. The system is quiet and incredibly pet friendly. With the smart mode and normal mode, you’re sure of equal availability both day and night. 


PETKIT reviews

On the whole, the PETKIT brand is received well by dog and cat lovers. Many users attest to the fact that all units have several useful functions in the home. It has also been said that the devices ensure your pet has access, especially in a busy space. Although not much is said about cleaning, it does come down to personal preference. 

Additionally, some set-up instructions are not in English, but there are lots of videos online. Therefore, it is easy to piece together. 


When choosing the best device for your pet, several options are available in the market. However, if you want customized options, PETKIT is a great option. You can save yourself the stress and endless amount of time with the app. Again, you’re sure your furry partner is getting the best care. If needed, you may combine your PETKIT feeder with a PETKIT bowl (PETKIT Xiaomi). For people on a budget, PETKIT sure works as it offers both reassurance and quality. The brand continues to provide the smartest devices using technology. You’re saving time, but also keeping the doctor away. 


Where to buy PETKIT products?

PETKIT products are available in many stores and in perromart with the best prices.


Will PETKIT mat look wrinkly on carpet?

No, the mat is of good material and thickness, it lays flat on carpet quite well - no bumps or wrinkles at all.


What happens if your WIFI isn't working while you're not at home? Will a preset schedule for the PETKIT feeder still work without WIFI?

If the device goes offline, this pet feeder still dispenses food as scheduled. but you cannot receive notifications. After the device is back online, you can check the feeding notifications on the app.