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Primal: Nourish Pets The Way Nature Intended

Nourish your cat and dog inside and out without the mess of frozen raw. To feed Primal is to fuel your dog’s wag and make your cat purrs.

How much is primal pet food?    

Primal cat food: From $44

Primal cat treat: $12

Primal dog food: From $44

Primal dog treat: $12

Who makes primal pet food?

In early 2000, Matt Koss, the founder found out that his dog, Luna, was displaying early signs of renal failure. After exhausting all other methods, he took the advice of a holistic veterinarian who suggested switching his dog to a diet based on bones and raw food (also referred as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or BARF), which mimics an animal's natural ancestral diet.

Where is primal pet food made?

Primal pet food is made in United States and ensures that every batch of food is tested to ensure that there are no bacteria present in the food. 

Where to buy primal pet food? 

Primal pet food can be bought right here on perromart singapore                              

Is primal dog food good for puppies?

Yes, puppies can consume Primal products. They are complete and balanced for all life stages – the best pet food that helps your pet live his best life possible! You may start to introduce your puppy to Primal raw food at as young as 4 weeks of age. Your puppy should be fed raw-food meals daily in conjunction with either the milk he consumes from nursing and/or other foods you may be supplementing. Pet owners are recommended to start feeding at 6% of the pet’s body weight and adjust up or down if necessary. Use this feeding calculator to provide the pawfect amount for your pet.


Who owns Primal pet food?

Matt Koss is the founder and president of Primal Pet Foods. Primal pet food started when Matt Koss wanted to help his dog, Luna, who was showing early signs of kidney failure. He created his own species-appropriate pet food for Luna and her appetite improved and had an increase in energy!