Owning a pet is one of the exciting things you can experience. They offer friendship and companionship. To make them comfortable as parents, there is a list of things you need to consider before getting a pet.


What supplies do rabbits need?

For rabbits, you must know that even though they enjoy sleeping anywhere when they are tired, the ideal space for living is a cage or litter. It should be big enough and sturdy.


To achieve the comfort you desire for your bunny, consider the bunny supply checklist below:

  • Indoor Housing- cage or pen
  • Wire covers with plastic sleeves
  • Furniture/ baseboard protection
  • Puppy pens/ baby gates
  • Litter box
  • Rabbit-safe litter
  • Food/water bowls
  • Hay feeder
  • Chair mat (optional)
  • Chew toys
  • Litter bedding (optional)
  • Food
  • Grooming items (brushes, clippers, etc.)


Cages with puppy pens/baby gates

Rabbit cages with puppy pens are the standard indoor setup for a nursing bunny or a potential mother. When your bunny gives birth, it has enough space to accommodate the new additions so that every puppy has their own space eventually.


Product recommendation

Oxbow Enriched Life Large Habitat with Play Yard is a standard housing setup. It has two size variations and is ideal for parents looking forward to having baby bunnies.


Grooming brushes

Rabbits are unique, but they have similarities with other pets in their grooming and care. Grooming involves fur brushing and trimming since thick fur can become uncomfortable. Consequently, having the right grooming brush is essential, especially for regular grooming. The ideal grooming brush should have- stiff bristles, comfortable handles, appropriate size, and durability.


Product recommendation

A top product in this range is the Mini Animan Grooming Paddle Brush for Rabbit.


What do rabbits like and need in their cage?

Food bowl

Rabbits enjoy occasional treats and vegetables; therefore, you need the right kind of bowl. If you intend to serve them more than hay and veggies, high-grade pellets may suffice. While nutrition recommendations vary from bunny to bunny, especially according to their eating habits and appetite, it would be better if you considered using a heavy-duty bowl.


Choose a heavy bowl made out of plastic or ceramic.

Choosing a heavy bowl is solely to keep the rabbits and their cages clean at all times. Bunnies are very active. Therefore, it is easier for them to trip food and water bowls over hence making a mess. However, sturdy plastic or ceramic bowl allows food to sit down appropriately. So, bowls from these materials are less likely to hurt their food.



Truthfully, this is an optional accessory, but beddings offer comfort and a cozy feeling. Beddings are also ideal for training your bunny on cleanliness; it helps them know where to urinate or poop. However, you must avoid using non-kiln-dried pine and non-kiln dried cedar beddings if it does work for them. These have a risk of enzyme alteration and even cancer.

Some safety alternatives include fleece, aspen shavings, and recycled paper.


Product recommendation

Oxbow Pure Comfort White Bedding for Small Pets

 Oxbow Pure Comfort Natural Bedding for Small Pets



Bunnies enjoy hay. Therefore, they need constant access to quality and fresh hay. Hay is good for the intestine, and the fiber content is also great for the gut. Again, it prevents indigestibility while ensuring easy passage of nutrients through the intestinal tract. 


Product recommendation

Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay Small Pets Food

Oxbow Hay Blends Timothy and Orchard


Water Bottle

Like humans, clean and fresh water is necessary for bunnies. However, little water intake predisposes your pet to desiccation of their intestinal content. This could jeopardize the digestive system. Therefore, be sure the water bottle is lead-free and BPA –free.

Oxbow Enriched Life Dripless Water Bottle For Small Pets curbs messy habits and is ideal for all age range.



Toys are essential for bunnies because they promote mental stimulation, physical exercise, and distraction from destruction.


Rabbits can get tired when they are not actively challenged, especially when they stay alone for a longer period. This could lead to destructiveness and possibly depression.

Access to safe forms of physical activity also keeps the animal healthy and in its ideal weight. Therefore, they need to dig into, chew on toys.


Oxbow Enriched Life Play Pom For Small Pets

Oxbow Enriched Life Timbells For Small Pets


Should I Cover My Rabbit’s Cage At Night?

Covering the cage at night for security reasons is acceptable. However, it is not necessary.