Rabbits are tender creatures. Their digestive system is the same even though they are herbivorous and are known to be considerable grazers. They have a tender yet complex digestive system and are quite specific when it comes to their diet. If you introduce new foods or inappropriate food choices to them, they could react adversely. These reactions could lead to sickness and even death. Therefore, rabbits should have a balanced diet that consists of hay, pellets, and fresh vegetables. 


  • What constitutes a healthy rabbit diet?

○Pellets- pellets are commercial types of feed. They are made of every edible essential for the rabbit’s nutrition. Pellets come in edible sizes and varying sizes. 


○Hay- rabbits have a system dedicated to eating high fibrous food. Their diet should therefore contain grass hay. Hay is best for dental health and the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it is a natural form of diet hence serving as a major component of their nutrition. 


○Fresh vegetables- the fresh vegetable component of a rabbit’s feed could be a supplement. Hence, it is typically a combination of leafy veggies. Good vegetable options include romaine lettuce, bok choy, mustard greens, carrot tops, watercress, and more. 


  • What are the top 10 best rabbit foods?

Healthy rabbit diets contain the essential nutrients in the right proportions. Therefore, you want to consider pellets that are generally low in carbohydrates. Variety is also important in rabbit nutrition because they are likely to get bored easily. It would be best if you considered hay and fresh vegetables. 


Consider foods from these brands; 


  • Types of rabbit food



The grain-free option is a type of dry food that provides a convenient way of feeding your rabbit. As the name suggests, the feed is free of grain and makes up a portion of your rabbit’s diet. However, the grain-free diet is only a part of the required dietary intake because it provides only a partial fiber volume. Also, it could wear down the teeth because the grinding and eating patterns are the same.


■Should my rabbit eat grain-free food?

This solely depends on your rabbit and their dietary requirements. For instance, some selective rabbits will not feed on grain-free food when they prefer natural alternatives. 


What grain-free food is recommended for rabbits?





What are rabbit pellets?


Rabbit pellets are a major type of dry food. A good rabbit pellet is a mixture of hay and other plant or grain-based ingredients. A healthy pellet has a neutral color, uniform appearance, and great quality. When you want to choose a rabbit pellet for your rabbit, consider checking the guaranteed analysis on the brand you favor. The guaranteed analysis gives you information on the critical ingredients and their formula. 

What are rabbit pellets made of?


A superior rabbit pellet is made of plant-based ingredients from either Alfafa hay or Timothy hay. Although the base ingredient may vary from brand to brand, it should not contain dried fruit, nuts, or seeds. 



Mixes like pellets are a commercially compressed diet. These are made to have a longer shelf-life, especially when stored under dry conditions. Mixes have colors and varieties, and these make them appealing. They are reportedly low in fiber but high in protein. Feeding your rabbit with mixes can make them selective in that they pick what they prefer. Unfortunately, as a result, they could miss out on the essential nutrients.  


What are rabbit mixes made up of?

Rabbit mixes are usually a variety of grains, vegetables, and pellets.




Why is hay important in a rabbit’s diet?

Hay is important in the rabbit diet because it is rich in fiber and supports a healthy digestive tract.


■Types of Hay


There are several kinds of Hay, but the most popular are; Timothy, Alfafa, Orchardgrass, Meadow, Oat, Herbal hay, etc.  


What kind of hay is good for rabbits?


Knowing what hay is better for rabbits is not hard. First, you want to be sure it is high-quality and mold-free. The easiest to find and more affordable option with all the required nutritional benefits is the Timothy Hay.


  • Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is cool-season hay that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Consequently, it contains less protein and more minerals than others. However, it provides the needed benefit for rabbits. 


  • Product recommendations

The Oxbow orchard grass hay and Oxbow Hay blends are great products to consider in this range. 


How much hay should I feed my rabbit?

There is no fixed amount; the feeding formula you adopt depends on how much rabbit eats.


  • What foods should rabbits avoid?


Rabbits should not have these;

-Junk food (chips, cookies, or candies)

-Meat and eggs 

-Nut and nut products

-Iceberg Lettuce etc. 


  • Why is my rabbit not eating?

Your rabbit may refuse to eat due to pain, dental spikes, and infections, urinary tract infections, or gas in the gut. 


  • How long can rabbits go without food?


Rabbits can go about 3-4 days without food. But this could lead to death. Also, they can develop Gastrointestinal tract stasis within 12 hours of hunger.