Small animals turn out to be as playful as kids. This is one of the fun things about owning a pet. Rabbits, like other small animals, enjoy toys. Toys help them to stay physically active while preventing boredom. When boredom kicks in, rabbits often turn to their litter or household items for fun. Unfortunately, these habits could make them destructive and is quite detrimental to their health.

Although it could be surprising that rabbits like to play with toys, they enjoy doing it in their way. Therefore, preferences differ from bunny to bunny. In addition, their toys are not exactly easy to categorize because it includes gnawing, pushing, and regular toys. In this blog, we discuss toys that you can buy and some do-it-yourself options.


Types of rabbit toys


There are a variety of items in the do-it-yourself category. Making an ideal DIY toy for a rabbit entails creativity and safe materials. Fortunately, you can use some of the items you have around the house by paying closer attention to what your bunny likes to play with. These are some safety items that you can creatively make toys from;

  • Cardboard tubes stuffed with hay and treat as part of their daily routine and ration.
  • Cardboard boxes with holes and doors for hiding places.
  • Chunks of untreated wood
  • PVC tubes cut into three or four-foot lengths (for tube tunnels)
  • Paper bags


Commercially produced rabbit toys

It is not uncommon to see rabbit toys in supermarkets and online stores. This is because many companies are dedicated to producing boredom-breaking items for the overall health of animals. As a result, they use safe materials that do not hamper the animal’s health so that chewing them or playing with them has no adverse effects.


However, bunny parents should be on the lookout for cedar or pinewood products as these are toxic to rabbits. Also, avoid purchasing small items that can be swallowed when chewed. These could get stuck in their throat and cause them to run out of breathing. Some healthy commercial toy options include:

  • Wooden chew toys- suitable for flinging, pulling, hanging over the cage, and bathing.
  • Pine cones- these must have been washed and dried for at least four months
  • Phone books- consider opting for phone books without a shiny cover. It’s great for ripping and shredding.
  • Baby Toys- these have to be old toys because it is not hygienic that your baby and rabbit share the same toy. They could include hard plastic but not too hard on the teeth and not edible. Consider opting for keys, stacking cups or blocks, fish links, rattles, etc.
  • Whisk brooms- made from broom straw
  • Balls- especially wire cat balls, big light baby balls, etc.
  • Parrot toys and bells
  • Kitty condos and platforms- go for the shorter ones.


Why is it important to provide toys?

Toys are entertaining- the boredom that comes with confinement can tell your bunny’s appetite and behavior. Therefore, toys keep them entertained and off household items. It also helps them stay active for a longer period.

Toys serve as exercise: bunnies are climbers, so they like to exercise and play. Toys keep them physically and mindfully agile. Digging, running, climbing, chewing, and hiding are some things they like to do naturally.

Toys serve as a diversion; providing toys for your bunny keeps them from being destructive. They don’t turn to shred or chewing on your items. Their teeth grow continuously. Also, toys are a healthy way of teaching them to channel the energy within.

Places to mark- this is ensuring that objects stay within their homes. It is a way to train them to manage their urine and poop. Chin marking, chin rubbing, and chinning against objects help them remember where they should urinate or poop.


What are some good rabbit toys?

Any of the toys above is a great option for rabbits. But, you may also consider;

Objects to manipulate and throw could include robust cat and parrot toys, untreated straw, sea-grass mats, and baskets. You could hide food in them to make it something they always look forward to.

Digging opportunities- these are more traditional for rabbits so that you can opt for digging boxes, large plant pots, litter trays filled with hay or shredded paper, and sandpits with warm rabbit sand.

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