Like humans, rabbits love treats. As much as you can make or buy your treats, you can do the same for rabbits too. However, there are several kinds of treats that are commercially produced. A possible downside of homemade treats is the possibility of high sugar levels, which is not ideal for their health. This is not bad news as there are several other alternatives. These include natural and healthy treats that could be in your garden or kitchen.


What are the types of rabbit treats available?

Rabbits love all kinds of food, from pellets to fresh fruits and veggies. However, it is great to consider offering them a break from the usual diet. The good thing is that you should ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy. Before we discuss specifics, it is best to limit the intake of treats by not overfeeding them. Additionally, understand that certain treats are not good for rabbits. Also, when selecting commercial rabbit treats, consider consulting a professional so that they get only the required nutrients.


Treats that are suitable for rabbits are available in several types. As a result, you can never run out of healthy options:


Flowers & Herbs

The living herbs option is available in packs and at Perromart, where several varieties are selected. If you consider giving them these treats, you can also add hay to their diet. On the other hand, you may opt for flowers or flowers and herbs as both make healthy options with natural flavors.

The flowers and herbs option has delicious foraged edibles, which are either a mix of both or independently packed. Also, since rabbits have different preferences, you may consider going for premium quality. Some product considerations include;

Burgress Excel Country herbs small pet treats

Mini Animan Hard Alfalfa snack herb flavor


Biscuits & Mixes

Carb-containing products are considered harmful to rabbits. However, biscuits and mixes are made in proportional bits that make the product palatable for rabbits. For instance, rabbits love bananas. Therefore, you may consider opting for biscuits and mixes with a banana base. Similarly, reading the product description and information will also help you make the best decision for your bunny.

You can make biscuits and mixes at home, but the process entails strict adherence to ingredient moderation. Alternatively, since they are commercially available, you may pick up a pack or two from Perromart store such as Supreme Russel Fruities with Cherry & Apricot Rabbit Treats.



These are natural but dried fruits, veggies, and even foods. They usually come in smaller edible bits that are easy to pick and digest. Dried treats are ideal for picky eaters as they come in several mixes so that rabbits have a collection of their favorites, including apples, pineapples, and more. 



Stick treats are made with enough ingredients that put them in the same league as flowers and herbs, especially as a treat. They are usually long and straight or stick-like. Rabbits will enjoy nibbling at the ends while breaking away from the boredom.


What kind of treats are safe for rabbits?


Generally, the best treats for rabbits are treats that do not adversely affect their health. These include fresh or dried fruit, vegetables, and hay. Some rabbits are selective; therefore, what works for one bunny may not work for others. You need to understand their appetite and preferences. Some natural and healthy safe options are;








Mint and more. 


How many treats should a rabbit have in a day?

Although there is no specific measurement or recommendation on the number of treats a rabbit can have per day, it is ideal for keeping it small. Several professionals advise bunny parents to serve their pet treats sparingly, especially when they cannot determine the sugar content of a product.


What foods should be avoided by rabbits?

The good news is you can use treats to train your rabbits and offer them as a reward for their progress. But, not all fruits, vegetables, and foods are good for their health. For instance, carrot is good but it contains more sugar, so you need to cut down a lot on carrots. You want to leave out items with refined sugar, high carbs, and unnecessary additives in choosing treats. In addition, many common human foods are harmful to bunnies:


  • Chocolates-They is known to boost human calories, but they are very toxic to rabbits. In addition, chocolates have sugar content and can cause gut bacterial imbalance and ultimately GI stasis.


  • Avocadoes- these could be healthy for humans, but it is quite the opposite for rabbits. It is a fatty fruit that could initiate some adverse conditions in bunnies.


  • Bread, pasta, and other carbs- are high in sugars and will cause stomach issues.