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It all started with an idea

Unlike humans, animals relax in different ways. RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer is the innovatively protected all-in-one solution for fast deep relaxation based on the latest, frequent (subliminal) vibrations for dogs, cats, birds and horses in a compact design.

All RelaxoPet Animal relaxation trainer are practical, wireless, independent of a power outlet, and have no side effects in a wide variety of situations for a wide variety of behavioral problems and stress, developed over a 5 research and development period in close collaboration with veterinarians, breeders and pet owners.

RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer is the ideal solution to influence the brain and the stress reaction stored in it in a subtle and hardly noticeable way for the animal - also preventively. It is a compact sound module that uses deep vibrations to provide deep relaxation for dogs, cats, birds and even horses.

All RelaxoPet have it Animal relaxation trainer via an individual sound carrier track, which is exactly matched to the respective sense of hearing of the corresponding group of animals. These vibrations are barely perceptible to the human ear but are highly effective on the animal's subconscious. It has never been easier to create a direct and unconscious deep relaxation in an animal.


So RelaxoPet can also help your animal

Stress and anxiety can have very different triggers in animals.

Loud and bright fireworks, for example, leads to high levels of stress and panic reactions in almost all animals, as well as a visit to the vet, the feeling of loneliness or an unfamiliar situation, such as travel transport. RelaxoPet successfully helps dogs, cats, horses and birds to reassure the animal in stressful situations, whether in their own home, in a stable, in a cage or in a non-animal environment.

The key to relaxation in all animals is the subconscious that RelaxoPet is stimulated by different tone sequences and vibrations. Depending on the sound module, these are exactly matched to the respective group of animals.

Simply relax animal well!