Singapaw is where you can get the best quality products for your pets. It is one of the best providers of wildlife and veterinary products in Singapore.


It is also a supplier and distributor of pet supplies, providing premium and high-quality products for pets. Singapaw has come up with a wide range of pet treats and chews that also expand into healthcare supplements for your pets. All in all, Singapaw takes a holistic approach towards improving the life quality of your furry friends.


About Singapaw

Just like many of us, the people behind Singapaw are also pet owners. Each pet owner is always searching for the most effective products to make sure that the quality of their pet's life is the best. It inspires Singapaw to work towards the goal of creating the most premium products to improve the life of your pets significantly.


Most people don't know that their inspiration to keep the business thriving is their pets, Terry and Toby. Terry and Toby are two adorable golden retrievers. They might be unreliable when it comes to taste testing, but they are the ideal domestic vacuum cleaners! Considering their need to dig into everything new, Singapaw is always searching for new ways to make their health better with supplements and treats. While they do that, they also scrutinize the ingredients.


What makes Singapaw Unique?

These three core values make Singapaw stand out from its competition.

  1. Pet Parentship: Singapaw believes in building and developing a solid relationship and valuing our furry friends' needs.
  2. Care: Quality matters the most, and Singapaw makes sure that their product quality is the best.
  3. Sourcing: Singapaw has a sourcing team that is always searching for top-quality family farms around the globe because they focus on the source of the ingredients for bringing the pets the best harvest for their excellent health.


Product highlights of Singapaw

Singapaw offers the following products:


Treats and Chews: Singapaw has various treats and chews, from beef jerkys to lamb chews, salmon, and mackerel. The prices are also highly reasonable.


Toys: You can choose from a wide variety of toys for your pets at Singapaw. There are dental treats of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Supplements: Singapaw offers various supplements that are essential for your pet's health. Be it for joints, skin, coat, or even digestion, Singapaw has it all.


Treatments: You can choose from the best products for your pets according to the particular condition and other parameters like your pet's weight!


Pawty Box: What's better than a party for your pet? These pawty boxes contain the best treats and products that will make your furry friend happy! You can choose from a wide range of pawty boxes according to parameters like the size of your pet at the best prices!