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Solid Gold

Solid Gold: Carefully Formulated Holistic Nutrition For Pets 
Manufactured in the United States, Solid Gold offers unique recipes customized for every health need. The dedicated company believes every pet deserves the best and it has a well-developed line of holistic and natural dry foods, wet foods, treat and supplements for both dogs and cats.

What are Solid Gold cat food ingredients?
While some Solid Gold cat products are formulated with healthy whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice, there are a number of gluten-free and grain-free recipes available as well.

Most Solid Gold cat foods have earned 5-star rating from PerroMart’s customers. Do check out the Solid Gold cat food reviews on our website.

Where can I buy Solid Gold dog food near me?
You can find a range of Solid Gold dog food and Solid Gold cat food at PerroMart.

What Solid Gold cat treats can I give my cat?
Any Solid Gold wet cat food can be fed as a tasty treat.

What Solid Gold dog treats can I give my dog?
Your dog deserves good treats – let’s reward him with Solid Gold dog treats! Available in both crunchy and chewy varieties, shop PerroMart for the best Solid Gold dog treats. All of them are perfectly bite-sized, making them suitable for smaller dogs and senior dogs.

Here’s the list of Solid Gold dog treats you can get for your dog:
1.Solid Gold Cinna-Bone Holistic Crunchy Dog Treats
2.Solid Gold Tiny Tots Lamb Jerky Dog Treats
3.Solid Gold Cinna-Bits Holistic Crunchy Dog Treats
4.Solid Gold Holistic Lamb Jerky Dog Treats
5,Solid Gold Holistic Turkey Jerky Dog Treats

Is Solid Gold dog food grain-free?

Most Solid Gold dog foods feature grain-free formula, except:
1.Solid Gold Howling at the Stars Dry Dog Food
2.Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken with Lamb Dry Dog Food
3.Solid Gold Hund Flocken with Lamb Dry Dog Food
4.Solid Gold Star Chaser with Chicken Dry Dog Food
5.Solid Gold Star Chaser with Chicken Canned Dog Food
6.Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken with Lamb Canned Dog Food
7.Solid Gold Howling at the Stars Canned Dog Food