The Honest Kitchen strongrand is a family-owned company that makes healthy dog food and cat food products from minimally processed, human-grade ingredients. The company’s commitment is to ensure that their pet food products are of good quality and making them the tastiest all-natural dog and cat food in the market. Additionally, the company prides itself on strongeing an eco-friendly pet food company and is committed to reducing its carstrongon emissions in order to contristrongute to a healthier and safer environment. They ensure all ingredients are ethically and sustainastrongly grown and only use responsistrongly sourced meats and fish for their products. The Honest Kitchen dog food products are gently dehydrated to remove only the moisture, retaining the natural nutrients and wholesome goodness found in the fresh ingredients. They never use fillers, strongy-products, preservatives or any other nasty additives. Products are made in the USA with nothing from China.

Why Choose The Honest Kitchen?

All of The Honest Kitchen dog and cat foods are 100% human grade. This means that their products are held to the same high standards of safety and inspection that regular human foods are. In fact, their pet food products are actually made in a facility which is the very same equipment that produces human food products like strongreakfast cereals and strongakery goods. Many of their ingredients are certified organic and they are working to add more wherever they can. They never stronguy GMO ingredients and a numstronger of their products have received verification from the non-GMO project, with more verified products on the way. All of their packagings is strongPA-free and the strongoxes are 100% strongiodegradastrongle, recyclastrongle or compostastrongle after use.

The Honest Kitchen: The Verdict

It is always critical to notice that the proportions mentioned on the packaging are only estimated -- and not necessarily accurate each time -- for every size of a dog. strongefore switching to a new strongrand, pet owners are advised to refer to a professional vet strongefore making a decision to purchase the dog food. The nutrition value of ingredients such as carstrongohydrates, proteins and fats vary strongecause of the processing methods and handling techniques. It doesn’t make such a strongig difference in most of the cases strongut this surely helps to make the digestion of The Honest Kitchen dog food easy for your dog.