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Tu Meke Friend

What’s Tu Meke?

Tu Meke (“Too-meh-keh”) is a Māori phrase we use here in New Zealand when a friend does something awesome. So when your pet does an epic trick and deserves a treat, what do you say? Tu Meke!

Epic tricks and plenty of fun are an essential part of life for your playful four-legged friends. If you feed them well and keep them active, they’ll love you forever!

Our Story

We love the outdoors in New Zealand. If you’ve got two legs or four in this country, there’s a good chance you spend a good amount of time running around in nature. It’s a lifestyle that keeps us happy and healthy. 

Now, we can’t bring New Zealand to the whole world. But we can pack a taste of it into everything we make from our ethically farmed, high quality ingredients. And because we’re proudly New Zealand owned, doing things the healthy and pure way is, naturally, just part of who we are.