WOOF Freeze Dried - Raw, Natural and Delicious.

Woof freeze dried is a premium range of pet food and treats that uses only the highest quality ingredients, aimed at giving your dogs what they need to thrive on. Nourish your pets from the inside out, naturally. 

How much is WOOF dog food?

Woof freeze-dried dog food starts from $39.90. There are 2 sizes available for purchase! If you would like to let your dog try before committing to a full bag, there are trial/treat size bags that are selling at $9.90 / pack. 

Where is WOOF dog food made?

Woof freeze-dried dog food is wholesomely and lovingly made in New Zealand! It is manufactured in small batches in New Zealand and made with ethical healthy ingredients. Each of the ingredients have been chosen for their reputed healing, nourishing and beneficial effects on the body and skin, providing all the nutritional goodness your pet needs at every life stage. 

Where to buy WOOF dog food?

You can buy Woof Freeze Dried dog food right here on perromart! There are 2 sizes available and 6 flavours to choose from - Vension, Brushtail, Lamb, Chicken, Beef & Duck.

Is WOOF a good dog food?

Yes! Woof uses over 90% meat, organs and bones while the remaining is filled with fruits, vegetables and superfoods like chia seed, manuka honey, green lipped mussel and more! Woof never uses fillers and are grain and gluten free. All recipes are balanced and formulated to meet with AAFCO requirements so you can be assured that you are giving your pets natural raw food filled with goodness that they need to grow and thrive on. 

Which WOOF dog food is best?

All WOOF freeze dried food are great! But our most popular flavours are venison, brushtail and lamb!