The challenges brought about by the pandemic have thrown everyone a curveball. Many retailers and physical shops have closed down and the bulk of consumer spending has shifted to online shopping. Indeed, online stores have seen a massive jump in their sales as people choose to let their fingers do the shopping while staying safe at home. The shift in customer spending has also resulted in online retailers sprouting overnight like mushrooms after a thunderstorm. This eventually created an arena characterized by stiff business competition. To attract people to buy, online stores have been launching special deals, sales, promotions, etc. Gift-giving has never been easier as Christmas gift exchange ideas are all over the internet. With the fast-approaching holiday season, these campaigns have doubled or tripled as everyone jumped in on the bandwagon to get a sizeable chunk of the market.


As more and more people share their lives and homes with pets, the demand for pet supplies continues to rise. Thus, it’s no wonder why more people are predicted to shell out more money than ever for their furry friends who have become family.


Are your pet’s Christmas presents on your list too?


The holidays will surely be a little different this year because of the pandemic, but one thing remains certain: giving gifts to family, friends, and of course, pets! Our pets have become very much a part of the family and what better way to include them in the holiday traditions than hanging a Christmas stocking just for your furry friend and filling it up with pet-friendly goodies.


Many pet parents have found consolation in their furry friends who stayed by their side and have become effective stress busters. In a way, staying at home because of the pandemic has further strengthened the bond between pets and their owners. Our pets have become more than just house companions. They have become family, and what better way to let them feel the love by making them happy and pampered during the happiest season of the year.



Christmas isn’t just for people, it’s for pets, too!


With the Christmas holidays just a stone-throw away, people seem to be caught up in a frenzy of preparations and buying gifts for everyone. Does your Christmas list include your furry friend?

Many people consider their pets as family and efforts have been made to include pets in the festivities of the season. And what better way to let them feel the festive mood than showering them with gifts that will make them feel spoiled and loved. To celebrate the holidays, some pet owners cook special pet-friendly meals or treats and fill their pet’s Christmas stocking with toys, treats, and other goodies that they will surely love and enjoy.


Christmas gift ideas for your pet at Perromart


With Christmas just around the corner, are you almost through with your Christmas shopping? While everyone’s busy gearing up for the holidays and buying gifts for family and friends, don’t forget your furry friends. While you’re at it, why don’t you share the love with other pet lover friends? Perromart offers so many Christmas gift ideas for colleagues who are also pet lovers.



Perromart has special deals and promos to suit any budget


Christmas is a season of gift-giving to show our love and affection to dear friends. Considering that your furry friend has stayed by your side through thick and thin, does your Christmas list include a bundle of holiday goodies for your canine buddy and/or fur ball? If you’re still wondering what you could give your pet for Christmas, Perromart is the place for you. There are a lot of pet-themed deals and sales that you could choose from.


The best Christmas gift for your pet


The perfect Christmas gift for pets goes beyond something fun or tasty, it should also include something that they will need. Fill your pet’s stockings with the best Christmas gift from Perromart. You can choose from the best deals in pet supplies for the holidays from pet food to tasty Christmas treats to chew toys to plush toys to pet outfits to comfy beds and more.


Get your dog into the spirit of the holiday season by making them look and feel their best with bath and grooming essentials. Load up on your pet’s health and wellness needs with bundle deals up to 70% discount….Perromart has all of the Christmas season essentials for your pet including gift cards, gift boxes and much more.


Stuff your pet’s Christmas stockings with the best deals from Perromart


Pets are like the toddlers of the family. What better way to indulge them during the holidays by filling their stockings with really great stuff. A dog sweater? Mouth-watering treats? Nothing’s too good for your furry friend who hasn’t left your side. Whether your pet is a canine gentle giant or a tiny furball, show them your gratitude for their loyalty and unconditional love this Christmas. For your canine buddy, check out Perromart’s dog toys, treats, and get-ups. For your furry ball choose from various kinds of cat treats and toys, including catnip-filled balls, laser toys, teasers, mouse toys, and more!


Start your online Christmas shopping early and avoid last-minute hassles. Never mind if you’re on a tight budget, Perromart has lots of fun ideas for as little as $10 (ten dollars!) We have really fun picks for any pet.


Indulge your furry friend this holiday season at Perromart


Christmas shopping for your pet has never been this easy. Perromart has everything you and your furball desire for the holidays. Fill your pet’s stockings with classic stuffers such as toys and treats to Christmas goodies for dogs and cats. We have a classic selection of classic Christmas gifts for pets that your furry friend will surely love.


Don’t leave your furry friends off your Christmas shopping list! Show them your love and affection with a little something special. Every pet deserves a Christmas gift and Perromart has your furry friends covered.


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