Did you know? Play helps dogs expend excess energy which is important for appropriate behaviour. Healthy play helps with physical and mental development, emotions and great behaviour! KONG dog toys encourage play, satsifying dogs' instinctual needs and at the same time, strengthens the bond between dog and owner.
Furnitures destroyed? Hole in walls? These are signs of destructive chewing. Without a proper outlet for dogs to satisfy their natural chewing instincts, these terrible behavious will worsen over time. Prevention is the key to solving this!
How to: Simply stuff a KONG for a mentally stimulating, long-lasting challenge. Freeze it to extend the chewing session and for a totally different experience!
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Got a pupper? Just like a human baby, when puppies' 28 baby teeth start growing, it can hurt! Chewing soft rubber helps alleviate teething pain,
How to: KONG puppy rubber is customised with this feature and at the same time teaches them appropriate chewing behaviour.
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Got a furbaby that goes crazy when you're gone? You don't have to deal with the mess any more. 
How to: Simply stuff a KONG with treats. This helps as your dog associates being left alone with good things.
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Just like humans, dogs experience boredom too which often results in behavioural issues when left ignored. 
How to: Simply stuff and freeze a KONG! This keeps your dog engaged for a long time, as well as allows for a mentally stimulating challenge.
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Boredom and fear can lead to digging and barking. Creating good behaviours starts with play!
How to: A frozen, treat-stuffed KONG offers a mentally occupying challenge that burns excess energy.
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Crates provide a sense of security for dogs and can aid in housetraining. Alywas build a positive association with their crates from the start!

How to: Give them a KONG as a mind occupying challenge. Repeating this routine helps your dog feel safe turning their crate into their den.
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Your dog’s weight is critical to his or her health; about 35 percent of dogs are overweight or obese.
How to: Slow down eating and add a satisfying mental and physical challenge by feeding your dog from a KONG Classic or a kibble filled KONG Wobbler.
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