October is the month of World Animal Day, Halloween, and most important of all — the 10.10 Shopping Season! 

This year, our 10.10 For My Hooman Sale will be happening from 10 - 12 October, featuring a very extensive range of exclusive brand coupons (we're not kidding!) as well as FREE DELIVERY for these 3 days. There will also be a LIVE Sales session on 10 October with LIVE-only deals & coupons, so be sure to RSVP here and mark your calendars, Pawrents!

While waiting for 10.10 For My Hooman Sale to arrive, shop the newest October deals in our World Animal Day Bazaar, and take part in our 'Paw-sonality Test' to learn more about your pet's personality!

So stay tuned right here for updates on 10.10, the 'Paw-sonality Test, and more exciting weekly flash deals, sample drops, and fun challenges along the way. Bookmark this page now to find all your pet's needs!