Finding the right pet food may be tough, trust us, we know. What may seem to be the best food may not necessarily be the perfect food for your pet. Hence we have teamed up with some brand owners to offer you a full refund* if your pet does not like their new food! 

However, we will refuse claims where:

  1. More than half the bag of food has been used.
  2. The vet has changed the pets diet and the bag of the existing food has not been finished.
  3. The wrong food was purchased and the bag opened.
  4. The food has expired or purchased over 6 months ago.
  5. The bag has been damaged after purchase. (HOLES)
  6. There is obvious abuse of the guarantee on the part of the client.

Participating Brands: 

1. Heka Pet Food (link
*Will be refunded in gift card