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[SPECIAL SALE] Absolute Bites Air Dried Deer Nugget 220g

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Little chunks of bite-sized deer nuggets will get your dog wagging his tail for more!
Absoulte Bites Air Dried Deer Nuggets Dog Treats are delectable, flavourful and all natural!

This treat is made with one single ingredient - 100% natural, low allergen, grass fed venison lungs.
It is also high in single source protein and contains B-vitamins, iron and niacin.
The venison lungs go through an air-dried process to secure all the nutritional goodness and flavour inside the treat itself.

The Air-Dried Deer Nuggets does not contain any use of antibiotics, added hormones, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.
They are also grain-free and hypoallergenic, so all dogs can enjoy this delicious treat.

Give a couple pieces of the Absolute Bites Air Dried Deer Nuggets to your dog as a reward from time to time!

Ingredients: 100% Natural Deer Lungs

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