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[SPECIAL SALE] Absolute Bites Air Dried Lamb Patties 300g

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They say dogs are man's best friend. They love you unconditionally, providing companionship, comfort and laughter in your life.
Which is why they deserve a reward from time to time. Treat your dog to the Absolute Bites Air Dried Lamb Patties today!

Made with 100% natural, low allergen, grass-fed lamb lungs, this treat is packed with flavour in every bite.
High in single source protein, B-vitamins and several minerals including iron, zinc and selenium, this treat is also very nutritious.

The lamb lungs go through a natural air drying process to secure all the nutrients and flavour into every single slice.
Containing no added hormones, antibiotics or anything artificial, this flavourful snack is also grain-free and hypoallergenic.

The next time you're having burgers and steaks, don't forget to reward your dog with a slice (or two) of this delicious Air Dried Lamb Patties!

Ingredients: 100% Natural Lamb Lungs

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