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[SPECIAL SALE] Absolute Bites Air Dried Veal Chewies 340g

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Looking for a natural alternative to rawhide dental treats? Look no more, as the Absolute Air Dried Veal Chewies Dental Dog Treat is here!

The Air-Dried Veal Chewies is made from 100% New Zealand raised, grass-fed veal tendons.

Veal tendons have a hard and crunchy texture that will reduce plaque and tartar and promote good teeth and gum health.

They have a slight meaty flavour that is irresistible to dogs and they provide a much deeper chew than other proteins which makes it a good dental treat for your dog.

This is a good, natural alternative to owners avoiding rawhide chews.

The Veal Chewies are air-dried to lock in maximum flavour, texture and nutrients so that your dog will get the most out of this treat.

This treat is also hypoallergenic and made without any use of antiobiotics and added hormones.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Veal Tendons

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