Absolute Bites Whole Deer Antlers Dental Chew (4 Sizes)


Don't you fawn at this poor doggy breath? Ran off I on how to deal with your dog's dirty teeth?

Try out the Entire Deer Antler Dental Dog Chew Utter Bites!

One single ingredient is made of this dog chew-100 percent natural whole deer antler! Chewing on the entire antler helps to freshen the teeth of your dog and prevent any residue of plaque or tartar.

The deer antler is high in amino acids and collagen, which helps protect the muscles , joints and tendons of your dog.

It is also an extremely wear-resistant natural food, which ensures that this antler is very robust and can last long. For days or even weeks, this dog chew will keep the dog chewing. Moreover, relative to processed bones, the Entire Deer Antler is much less likely to crack or splinter as they are chewed.

The chewing action will grind the antler down slowly and so it's safer for your dog too! Antlers have virtually no odour or residue, so you do not have to worry that it would leave any stain or odour on your carpet or furniture.

Get the Absolute Bites Whole Deer Antler Dental Dog Chew for your pup today! You can now enjoy his kisses without pinching your nose or holding your breath anymore!

Absolute Bites Whole Deer Antler Dental Dog Chew is available in four sizes (from smallest to largest) - Mini, Medium, Maxi and Giant.

Nutritional Info


100% Natural Whole Deer Antler

Feeding Instructions

Feed responsibly in moderation. Do note that as tasty as these treats are, do not feed them in replacement of a meal!

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
J.L. (Singapore, SG)
Good for my doggy play time

Affordable price

Ş.Ş.Y. (Singapore, SG)
hope it healthy

Bite very long

S. (Singapore, SG)
Good quality chew

Reliable and reasonably priced.

J.L. (Singapore, SG)
Long time favourite toys

This helps to give her play time :)

J.L. (Singapore, SG)
Toy for my doggy

She will spend her me time by chewing this :)