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Absolute Plus Ultimate Eradicate 6 in 1 Aerosol Spray For Dogs & Cats 20oz (600ml)

  • $3590


Ultimate Eradicate is an insecticide which disturb insect nervous systems upon direct contact or ingestion. It is active against broad spectrum of pets, leave no oil deposit and does not cause skin irritation. This is a one for all must have product that has an effective formulation that not only eliminate insect pests like bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, house flies, ants, flea, ticks, carpet mites, it also helps to stop future breeding. Ultimate Eradicate can be use as a deodorizer as it provide great smell of jasmine flavor on area and on pets.  Safe for homes, offices, car interiors, childcares. Ultimate Eradicate can also be use as a disinfectant, aides inflammation on skin and relieve itching and leaving the pet's skin soft and healthy. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties It kills bacterial build up on pet's skin and area around the house. It also help relief fungals on skin infections such as dermatitis and pryoderms.


  • Spray 30cm away from pets.
  • Spray pet's immediate surroundings, leave spray residue on the surface infested by fleas, ticks, etc


Etofenprox 2% (w/w) Inert Ingredient 98%