AFP Grilled Chicken Leg Chews for Dog (Honey Caramel/Chicken)

$900 $1390


A dog chew toy infused with tasty flavour is what keeps your dog entertained for hours. The Grilled Chicken Leg chew toy, made of hard nylon and soft TPR encourages longer playtime for your dog. Great for powerful chewers, this chew toy turns destructive chewing behaviour into positive playtime. Infused with a yummy flavour (chicken or honey caramel), this toy is irresistible to dogs. It also promotes healthy teeth and gums for your dog while chewing on the toy. All For Paws Grilled Chicken Leg is available in two flavours - Chicken and Honey Caramel.


  • Durable chew toy keeps dog entertained
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums with chewing action
  • Turns destructive chewing into positive playtime
  • Infused with a yummy flavour

Product Dimensions: L 12.5 x W 7.5 x H 4.0