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Aixia Kenko-Can >11years Tuna Mousse for Cats 40g

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Aixia is derived from ‘ai’, the Japanese word for ‘love’, and ‘xia’ from ‘shiawase’, which translates to the word ‘happiness’. Together, it means 'To Love is Happiness'. Close attention is paid to the ingredients of our products, ensuring the happiness of both humans and the household animals that they love. Kenko means 'Health" and the Aixia Kenko-Can is formulated specifically for cats in different life stages. The Aixia Kenko-Can Tuna Mousse for Cats +11yrs Canned Cat Food is suitable for adult and mature cats above 11 years old. It is based on tuna and is a complete and specialized diet for health maintenance.

The Aixia Kenko-Can Tuna Mousse for Cats +11yrs enhances your feline's immunity, health & urinary maintenance. This canned cat food is a soft mousse type and also has Calcium, Magnesium, DHA, Taurine, Lactosucrose and Vitamin E added. Moreover, this is a complete and balanced set by Pet food fair Trade association in Japan which conforms to AAFCO standards.


  • Soft mousse tuna-based wet cat food
  • High in Calcium, Madnesium, DHA,Taurine and Vitamins
  • Enhances immunity, health & urinary maintenance
  • Formulated for cats above 11 years old

Nutritional Info


Seafood (Maguro, Fish extract, etc.), Oils (Sunflower oil, DHA oil), Glucose, Lactosucrose, B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid, Biotin, Choline)

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude protein....7.4% min
  • Crude fat......3.0% min
  • Crude fiber....0.5% max
  • Crude ashes.....1.8% max
  • Moisture......87% max

Feeding Instructions


Aixia Kenko-Can >11years Tuna Mousse for Cats 40g
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