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Aixia Yaizu No Maguro 100% Tuna Cat Food 70g

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Aixia Yaizu No Maguro 100% Tuna Canned Cat Food is a human grade product which is based on real tuna from only YAIZU port. Yaizu 焼津 is a city located in central Shizuoka Prefecture, south of Tokyo, Japan. Yaizu is famous for its fishing port, a key provider of sashimi tuna to markets including the famous Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. Yaizu No Maguro 焼津のまぐろ is Aixia's top seller in Japan, where savoury maguro comes directly from the port of Yaizu and straight to the factory. This gives cat owners the confidence in the food's freshness and premium quality which the Japanese have grown to trust. Besides the quality of the food, the can comes with a safety feature. The inner edges of the cans (after you open it) are `non-cutting'. That means it is safe for the cats to eat directly from it, and for the humans to handle them without the worry of being cut.


  • Top seller in Japan!
  • Savoury maguro comes directly from port of Yaizu and straight to factory
  • Improves skin and coat
  • Savoury maguro with delicious sasami
  • Improves digestion & lowers odour
  • Heavenly taste
  • Can comes with safety feature, save to eat directly from
  • For all cats

Nutritional Info


Tuna, tuna extract, protein hydrolysate, lactosucrose, dried extract, thickening agent, seasoning, vitamin E

Feeding Instructions

Feed your adult cat 1 can per meal.