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Akane Apple Paper Cat Litter





Akane Apple Paper Cat Litter is a dust-free, lightweight litter made from 100% recycled paper that instantly clumps upon contact with liquids. This makes it easy to spot soiled litter and maintain your cat's litter box cleanliness; Akane cat litter is flushable in small quantities (do NOT flush more than 80cc at one go).


  • Green apple scent for excellent odour control
  • Clumps instantly & easy to scoop
  • Flushable in small quantities
  • Dust-free & lightweight
  • Made in Japan
  • All cats


Made of recycled paper.


1) Fill up your litter box with Akane cat litter up to 5 to 6cm deep.

2) Scoop up the clumps that have turned blue.

3) Dispose of them by throwing it into the garbage or flushing it down the toilet. Do NOT flush more than 80cc at one go.


Akane Apple Paper Cat Litter
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