AniMeds Diarrhea Fix Pet Supplements

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DiarrheaFIX is specially formulated to relieve non-infective diarrhea for cats and dogs. It consists of a combination of kaolin and pectin. Pectin, detoxifies and coats the intestine to relieve the irritation, discomfort and cramping associated with non-infective diarrhea. Kaolin slows down the passage of faeces while eliminating toxins.


  • Helps firm up loose stools
  • Absorbs and helps remove toxins and poisons from the intestinal tract
  • Helps relax and slow down the movement of inflamed intestines to normal rates
  • Comes in great tasting oral suspension
  • Net Contents: 100ml

Nutritional Info


Per 5ml contains:

Kaolin - 967mg

Pectin - 45mg

In palatable liquid base

Flavouring and permitted colour added

Feeding Instructions

  • Small Dogs & Cats (<10 Kg) :  5 ml
  • Mid-sized Dogs (10-25 Kg) : 10 ml
  • Large Dogs (26-40 Kg) : 15 ml
  • Very Large Dogs (41-55 Kg) : 20 ml
  • Giant Breeds (over 55 Kg) :  25 ml

These doses may be given 4 hourly when necessary, up to a maximum of 4 doses in 24 hours.


Caution: If diarrhea persists after using this product beyond 48 hours, consult your veterinarian.

Made in U.S.A

Store at room temperature between 15 deg C to 30 deg C. Keep container tightly closed when not in use.