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Australian Pet Foods Lamb Femur Bone For Dogs

Australian Pet Foods



Lamb Femur Bone - G'Day Mate! This treat is a meaty, great tasting treat for your pet. These treats are sure to please your dog. These are also great for dogs with allergies.

APP pet treats provide the perfect supplement for your pets diet. These treats come in a variety of sizes and shapes designed to keep your pet happy and amused for hours. The protein and calcium of APP treats is essential for a healthy, happy pet; and the real-meat flavor will make your pet love you even more!


  • Pure 100% natural Lamb Femur bone. No preservative, no additives.

Nutritional Info


100% Lamb femur bone.

Feeding Instructions

  • Use and serve as a treat or snacks. Always supervise your pet, just like with any other chewing treats. Ensure adequate amount of fresh and clean water available to your pet at all times.


Australian Pet Foods Lamb Femur Bone For Dogs
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