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Azmira Para Clear Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 2.5lbs (1.13kg)

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Azmira Para Clear Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has been used successfully as a chemical-free and natural form of pest control to help kill fleas and ticks on pets, in addition to many other pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, ants, bedbugs, flies, box elder bugs, scorpions, crickets, and many other insects. Yet, it is still safe for people, kids, pets, the environment, plants and beneficial bugs!

Comes in a 2.5lb tub For all life stages...

One pound of Diatomaceous Earth covers 2000 square feet so you can very economically protect a large area from pests. This is a chemical free pest control that is safe for your family (including pets) and doesn't kill the beneficial bugs. Some more benefits of Diatomaceous Earth include: non-toxic, no odor and stain-free. Also, it is safe if ingested and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It is 100% food grade.


  • Comes in a 2.5lb tub
  • 100% organic and food grade
  • Repels fleas and ticks naturally
  • Safe if ingested and for use on dogs and cats
  • For all life stages

Nutritional Info


This product contains all-natural, food-grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Size: 2.5 lbs


Brush Para*Clear down into carpet base while also applying to baseboards, cracks, pet bedding, and under furniture. Repeat as often as needed, especially after treated area becomes wind-blown, wet, or vacuumed. Remove vacuumed debris after each cleaning. For best results, apply liberally around indoor and outdoor perimeters to create a barrier. 1 bottle covers approximately 2,000 square feet.


Azmira Para Clear Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 2.5lbs (1.13kg)
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