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Two natural beauties

We recycle empty pea husks that would otherwise get discarded, and mix in raw, food-grade materials such as starch, corn powder, and guar gum as natural clumping agents. The result is a beautiful and highly absorbent litter that clumps naturally without a speck of dust! We offer two litter varieties; one with a subtle vanilla scent, showing the off-white color of its ingredients, and another that gives off a delicate lavender scent and has been dyed with an edible purple pigment.

Go Natural!

Catit Go Natural is a new range of litters that, unlike mineral cat litter, are based on sustainable sources. Plant-based litters are a safer and more planet-friendly litter choice! Finally, your cat can ‘go’ as they would in nature!

Absorbency rate of up to 300%

Our litter pellets have a unique diameter of 1.5 mm, which makes for a much larger overall absorptive surface than most litters. Thanks to this feature, the litter can absorb up to 3 times its own weight!

Effortless scooping

Scooping has never been easier, since the litter’s smooth, cylindrical pellets sift right through the scoop! Additionally, this litter won’t stick to the litter box or the scoop.

Highly efficient

Thanks to our litter’s unique pellet size and natural clumping properties, it produces tighter clumps using less litter. This means you’ll get more use out of a single box, which is a win-win for nature as well as for your savings!

Don’t compare apples to oranges

Unlike many mineral cat litters, our litter is produced and packed sustainably, and was formulated exactly right for gradual clumping and easy scooping.

99% dust-free

This pea husk litter is a great choice for cats and people with allergies. Even as your cat digs around in the litter box, the smallest litter particles aren’t kicked up, but will gradually travel down. This means there’s no hazardous airborne dust, and you can breathe easy while pouring and scooping.

Flushable and soluble

We recommend disposing of cat droppings in the waste bin, though our litter is perfectly flushable since its clumps dissolve in water.

Odor control

A layer of pea husk litter consists of thousands of pellets, which all have a porous structure that naturally seals in unwanted odors. This helps keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh.

Delicately scented

Both litter varieties are scented to neutralise the naturally sour odor of their ingredients. One is subtly vanilla-scented, while the other is lavender-scented.

Make a difference, Go Natural!

Whether you’re just curious about sustainability or ready to completely overhaul your way of life, using eco-friendly products is a great place to start. By choosing this litter, you choose to recycle and lend a helping hand to nature.

Made from renewable and sustainable resources

Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter is made from pea outer fibers. We recycle empty pea husks that would otherwise get discarded, and mix in raw, food-grade materials such as starch, corn powder, and guar gum as natural clumping agents.

Low-waste production with unique results

Our litter pellets are only half as thick as those of other pea husk litters – a technological feat that increases the litter’s overall efficiency. After the litter is sieved, the dust is recovered and put back into the production cycle. If a batch doesn’t meet the facility’s high quality control standards, the materials are recycled and reworked entirely until perfection.


Catit Go Natural Pea Husk Clumping Cat Litter is very easy to handle thanks to its low weight – one liter of litter only weighs 0.8 pounds!


Our litter is vacuum sealed to take up 30% less space, which reduces CO2 emissions during transportation and warehousing.


  • Absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in moisture
  • 99% dust-free and low-tracking
  • Delicately scented, with odor control
  • Easy to scoop


starch, corn powder, and guar gum


Easy to clean

The natural clumping agents in this litter form tight clumps without sticking to the litter box or the scoop. This makes for easy scooping and cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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Favourite litter to date!

Strong (sweet) vanilla scent, but I find this litter to be the best balance between clumping and tracking!