Clean Conscience Compostable Dog Poop Bags (10 Rolls / 150 bags)
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Clean Conscience Compostable Dog Poop Bags (10 Rolls / 150 bags)


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Made for the stylish Doggy parent!

Clean Conscience Doggy Poop Bags are made from corn, making them sustainable and renewable! Our Doggy Poop Bags are Certified ASTM D6400 and by BPI. Its large size, flexibility and high tensile strength affirms that you will be able to fit more without the risk of breaking or tearing! They are packed in FSC certified cardboard and printed with biodegradable soy ink, therefore being fully sustainable and eco-friendly!

Choose Clean Conscience, Protect what you love


  • Cornstarch derived 
  • 100% Compostable  and BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) Certified
  • ASTM6400 certified
  • Extra Large size: 33cm x 23cm
  • High Tensile strength 
  • Smooth material, making it easier to open and tie up
  • Each box comes with 10 rolls of 15 bags each. A total of 150 bags! 

Why Choose us?

We are certified by BPI (Biodegradable Plastic Institution) and certified ASTM D6400

Better Price: only cents per poop

Better quality: our bags are extra-large and extra strong. They stretch and are not prone to tearing or leakage

Eco - Friendly! 100% compostable and biodegradable certified! 


About BPI certification: 

The BPI Certification Mark indicates third-party verification of compostability for manufacturers and brand owners to use on products and packaging and for consumers, end-users, and composters to use when determining whether or not a product or package is compostable.

The BPI Certification Mark indicates the end-of-life opportunity for a compostable product.  BPI Certification guides manufacturers in designing items, understanding what ingredients they can use, and how to make an independent compostability claim that consumers and composters can trust.  The BPI Certification Mark helps consumers to identify and trust that an item is compostable and can be diverted with food scraps where programs exist.  Composters are able to identify and trust that certified products mixed with food scraps and yard trimmings will break down during the regular composting process and will not negatively impact compost quality.

The BPI Certification process is rigorous and ensures that items can be cycled back into the soil safely at a commercial composting facility.  This is done through testing to ASTM standards and applying additional restrictions on carcinogens and fluorinated chemicals.

About ASTM6400: 

This specification covers plastics and products made from plastics that are designed to be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities. The properties in this specification are those required to determine if plastics and products made from plastics will compost satisfactorily, including biodegrading at a rate comparable to known compostable materials. The purpose of this specification is to establish standards for identifying products and materials that will compost satisfactorily in commercial and municipal composting facilities


Plant based compostable plastic bags.



Dervied from corn: Sustainable and renewable source -Certified ASTM D6400 - Compostable/ Biodegradable in a industrial composting facility -Certified by BPI (biodegradable product institute) -Large size: 33cm x 23cm -High Tensile Strength: Does not tear easily -Smooth and powdery finish: Easier to open and tie up the bag


Store in a cool, dry place.

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g. (Singapore, SG)


Cecilia Heng (Singapore, SG)
Good quality

Good quality. Will not tear easily

F. (Singapore, SG)

useful for cleaning up after your pet

Tiffany (Singapore, SG)

Free gift for purchases exceeding $150. Useful to pick up cat poop too!

Jia Ying Teo (Singapore, SG)
free gift

premium quality compared to the basic poop bags you normally find outside. got this as a free gift