Delamere Dairy Whole UHT Goats Milk 33oz (1L)

Delamere Dairy Whole UHT Goats Milk 33oz (1L)

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Goats' milk is the most widely drunk milk in the world although in the UK, cows' milk is the most popular choice. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits that goats' milk can bring, with around 76% of Delamere Dairy's customers buying it for health reasons.

It has been known to help alleviate symptoms associated with digestive disorders, skin conditions like eczema, respiratory problems, asthma and excess mucous. Goats' milk is a naturally nutritious alternative to cows' milk, and works well in tea, coffee, on cereal and in all your favourite recipes.

Delamere Dairy UHT Whole Goat's Milk can be kept in the cupboard unopened for months, but has to be refrigerated once opened.


  • Made from fresh goat's milk
  • Easy to digest
  • Can be used to rehydrate freeze-dried raw food
  • Recommended for all pets
  • Safe for lactose intolerant pets

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Fresh wholev semi-skimmed and skimmed milk UHT semi-skimmed milk, Butter , Plain and flavoured yogurts, Award-winning cheeses

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Delamere Dairy Whole UHT Goats Milk 33oz (1L)
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