Earth Rated® 120-Count Dog Waste Bags 8 Refill Rolls - Unscented


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120-Count Earth Rated® Dog Waste Bags, 8 Refill Rolls

Bigger, thicker, heavier and completely leak-proof are the best-selling dog waste bags on the market! 8 rolls of 15 lavender-scented or unscented bags that fit into most regular leash dispensers are included in this refill kit. In terms of consistency and most of all, affordability, Earth Rated® goods are the leading industry. Earth Rated® does not leave out the smallest of details-both the cores and packaging of our rolls are made of recycled material!

Nobody likes poop on their hands. The bags measure 13" by 9" and come extra thick and tough!


  • 120 bags
  • 8 refill rolls of 15 bags per roll
  • Rolls fit into standard leash dispensers
  • Bags measure 9 x 13 inches
  • Lavender-scented or Unscented
  • Easy to open and detach from the roll

Do you know pet waste is considered a dangerous pollutant? In the same category as oil!

Dog poop doesn't just go away with the rain. Harmful bacteria lingers long after poop disappears.. So please pick up after your pets! Comes with a fragrance-free option too!


We are so pleased to introduce this line of green poop bags for its eco-friendliness. 

In comparison to conventional plastic bags, poop bag material uses additives to allow it to break down easily. Roll cores are made of recycled material. Manufacturers donate poop bags to dog shelters that do not comply with market quality standards. For future production, the surplus production material will be recycled or reused.


How to measure your dog

Take 1 tape measure and 1 dog (and maybe some treats).

Measure neck size for collars

Take measurement round the base of neck, with 2 fingers slag (UC). Then choose the collar size to match the measurement.

(Do not measure old collar.)

Measure girth for harness / apparel

Take measurement of the largest part of the chest (LC).

Girth is slightly behind the fore legs (not at the fore legs, 'arm pits').

Then choose the gear that matches your measurements.

Measure torso for apparel

Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail (L).

Choose the apparel that matches your measurements.


  • Use on its own or with our green bag dispenser!
  • Store in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Use the bags within a year of purchase.

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