Espree Ear Care For Dogs (3 Sizes)

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Espree Ear Care is designed to remove build-up and wax easily and gently. A special blend of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Oil and Peppermint will dissolve wax, remove odor and help restore natural balance to the ear. Simply squirt a small amount into the ear, and rub gently with a cotton wool or similar product.


  • Natural ear cleaner
  • Special blend of natural oils help remove build up in the ear canal
  • Quickly dissolves ear wax and build up and has a fresh peppermint fragrance
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Fast drying, and safe for puppies
  • 1 Gallon = 3.79 L 
  • Made in the USA


Apply drops to the ear canal, massage to distribute solution and wipe with cloth.


Espree Ear Care For Dogs (3 Sizes)
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