Espree Milk & Honey Shampoo For Dogs and Cats(590ml & 1 Gallon)


This luxury shampoo is 100 % biodegradable and free from animal cruelty. Our Espree Natural Milk & Honey Dog and Cat Shampoo is healthy for puppies and kittens and encourages a fluffy, silky and extra shiny coat. This incredible dog and cat shampoo is like an old-fashioned milk bath conditioner. Shampoo has human-grade ingredients and, with an ice cream fragrance, smells delicious. It is for your precious pooch or fluffy feline, though. This dog and cat shampoo, which is easy to use, is also healthy with spot-on flea products. This shampoo is packed with natural milk proteins, pure bee pollen, and antioxidants, calming and conditioning!


  • Rich Vanilla Milk Fragrance
  • Natural Milk Proteins and Pure Bee Honey.
  • For Dogs and Cats



Using maximum strength or dilute 1 part of shampoo with up to 10 parts of warm water and shake well. Massage into a dog or cat 's hair, quit for the best results in 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.