Fancy Feast Purely Natural Hand-Flaked Variety Pack Cat Treats 30g


Make supper time solely enticing with the Cat Treats Strictly Fancy Feast Natural Treats Variety Pack. Your kitty says, Give me me meow yummy. The purr-fect snacks, treats, or tasty meal toppers contain this variety pack that will have him running to his bowl made with just one ingredient, The kitty is sure to enjoy 100 percent raw meat that is perfectly shaped into filet-like morsels. Plus, they come in stay-fresh pouches that make it easy for portion control and hassle-free. Only rip one open and get ready for all those happy kitty smooches.


  • Made from pure, 100 percent natural proteins picked by hand, such as chicken, tuna and salmon, cooked and perfectly pieced.
  • Strong in protein and low in fat, so that all indoor or outdoor kitties can be part of a balanced diet.
  • Simple to serve to make meals even tastier for picky eaters as a snack, treat or meal topper.
  • It comes in perfectly portioned, stay-fresh pouches so that by only tearing and serving, they are easy to use.
  • Crafted with zero by-products or fillers to make your buddy feel good every day.

Nutritional Info


Purely Fancy Feast Chicken Treats: Chicken.

Purely Fancy Feast Tuna Treats: Tuna.

Purely Fancy Feast Salmon Treats: Salmon.

    Caloric Content

    • Purely Natural Hand-Flaked Chicken Cat treats: 1,343 kcal/kg; 4 kcal/pack
    • Purely Natural Hand-Flaked Salmon Cat treats: 1,241 kcal/kg; 3.7 kcal/pack
    • Purely Natural Hand-Flaked Tuna Cat treats: 1,099 kcal/kg; 3.3 kcal/pack

    Feeding Instructions

    Chicken & Tuna:Feed an average size adult cat 1 pack per 2 pounds of body weight, not to exceed 4 packs per day.

    Salmon:Feed an average size adult cat 2 packs per 3 pounds of body weight, not to exceed 4 packs per day.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Amy (Singapore, SG)
    Cats love the fresh meat

    It’s perfect as wet food topper because of the bite size. I tear it to pieces and add on to my cats’ wet food, they like it a lot. I like it for the fact that it is just the chicken meat, no addictives or sugar in it.

    Amy (Singapore, SG)
    Good as treats or food topper

    I use it as food topper to entice my picky cats to eat their wet food. It works very well. The variety pack has three meat choices to choose from.