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Frontline Plus Flea & Ticks for Extra Large Dogs > 40kg




Fleas are a part of every dog's life, but they don't have to be. Frontline Plus is your solution to flea and tick problems. Frontline Plus kills fleas for at least a month, including all flea stages in the entire area. Controls dermatitis caused by flea allergies and helps to control paralysis ticks for up to two weeks.

Dogs and cats that are eight weeks or older can find relief in Frontline Plus. Just apply Frontline Plus and know that within 12 hours, all of the fleas that your dog or cat suffers from will be gone, and it will continue to protect your dog for many more weeks. Frontline Plus is so preferred by pet owners because it breaks the life cycle of the flea and helps to prevent them from coming back. It can be applied quickly in one session.

FRONTLINE Plus and FRONTLINE Top Spot can be applied in one easy application:

Remove an applicator from the child-resistant package and cut or lift off the plastic tab to expose the foil. Peel down.

Hold the applicator upright and snap the tip away from your face and body.

Place the applicator tip through your pet's hair to the skin between the shoulder blades. Squeeze the applicator and apply the entire contents in a single spot onto your pet's skin.

Nutritional Info


  • Fipronil 9.8%
  • (S)-methoprene 8.8%


This video demonstrates how to apply FRONTLINE PLUS to your pet - a dog is shown having the product applied, but the same method is used to apply FRONTLINE PLUS to your cat.


Frontline Plus Flea & Ticks for Extra Large Dogs > 40kg
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