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Gex Pure Crystal Clear Bowl for Dogs 0.95L (2 Colours)


Having trouble getting your pets to drink well? GEX Pure Crystal Clear Flow Drinking Fountain helps you to eradicate these problems! 

The GEX Pure Crystal Clear Flow Drinking Fountain is designed to remove pollutants such as food waste, fur, dust and odour from the water, and enrich it with oxygen.

Using a water pump to circulate the water through a unique filter that traps dirt/hair/uneaten food & reduce odour & chemicals, your pets will receive clean & fresh water all the time. 

With an energy-saving operation, pet friendly power plug, it also comes with a durable tube to protect any accidental chewing of the electrical wire.

The Pure Crystal Clear Flow fountain consists of the popular functions of the Pure Crystal Drinking Fountains but is more compact and suitable for small dogs.

The Crystal Clear Flow fountain only uses half sized filter. 

A special ionic filter is also available (sold separately) to remove magnesium and calcium, softening the water for better health.

Each set comes with a standard filter cartridge.

Product Colours - Comes in Pink and White.


  • Capacity: 0.95L
  • Comes with a standard filter cartridge
  • Design to remove pollutatns
  • Energy saving
  • For all dogs

SIZE: 0.95L


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