Golden Eagle Holistic Health Salmon with Oatmeal Dog Dry Food (2 Sizes)


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Golden Eagle Holistic Salmon is designed for dogs whose coat or skin is symptomatic. Perfect for allergy sufferers and cancers. The salmon is caught in the deep waters of the Atlantic and is preserved with natural vitamins.

There are plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, especially DHA and EPA fat, which are very important for the growth and functioning of the heart, the eyes and the brain. Food which is safe and holistic. Without any chemical preservation, flavoring or coloring, it contains selected high quality salmon proteins and carbohydrate sources, as well as nutritious vegetables and berries.


  • protein sources are salmon and egg
  • fats and oils as sources of energy from Chicken, Omega-3 salmon and linseed, very high DHA and EPA oil sources both needed for heart, eyesight and brain function
  • carbohydrate sources brown and white whole grain, as well as oats to meet dog carbohydrate needs
  • the main source of fiber beet pulp together with tomato - in addition, fiber also from oats, rice, potatoes, carrots and apples, which together help the intestinal function and promote smooth passage of the food salt through the intestines
  • added natural fruits and vegetables to holistic health care and maintenance
  • supplements nutraceuticals as well as BioHealth® and Lactohealth™

Nutritional Info


Salmonmeal Oatmeal Wholegrain White rice Wholegrain Brown rice Salmon oil (preserved with vitamins) Beet pulp Whole linseed Carrot Egg Peas Lucerne Chicken liver dry digest Monosodium phosphate Salt (natrox) Potassium Chloride Seaweed Yucca Dried apple Joint care pack Cranberry Selenium Beta Carotene L'Carnitine Minerals Vitamins

Contains specially healthy natural and holistic supplementation MicroHealth™, BioHealth™ and Lactohealth™

Feeding Instructions

Weight Daily Feeding Weight Daily Feeding
2 40 24 228
4 64 28 256
6 84 32 280
8 104 36 308
10 120 40 332
12 136 45 360
14 152 50 392
16 168 55 420
18 184 60 448
20 200 70 500
22 216 80 548
90 596

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