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Himalayan Mountain Dog Chew Small pack

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Small Multi-pack includes 3-4 small Himalaya Mountain Dog Chew Pieces

Using only the most traditional and natural methods, the Mountain Dog Chew is created by the Pahaadi (“One of the Hills”) tribes of the Himalayan Mountains to give your pet the healthiest of treats. It is made from Cow and Yak Milk without added chemicals, preservatives or hormones. This cultural and fresh treat is now available to You and your Dog directly from the Himalayas!

With flavor that packs a punch and health benefits that are essential, any little dog will love the Mountain Dog Chews from the Himalayas! Our hard-cheese chew is perfect for pet parents looking to give their dog a long lasting, all natural treat that won't leave a preservative and chemically enhanced taste and will promote healthy teeth. Our Mountain Dog Chews from the Himalayas are gluten free, grain free, preservative free, additive free, chemical free- did we mention all natural? With only four ingredients, your best fur friend will enjoy this long lasting treat.



Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice, and Salt


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Fiber Max 0%
Crude Fat Min 0.8%
Ash Max 6.6%
Moisture Max 9.3%
Crude Protein Min 61.3%

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